Whisler Full Splice Cues



                                                                           Prices start at $900, which includes:


1) Single full splice cue using the two woods of your choice from my list, with an additional wood splice between. (ebony in cue pictured above).

2) Two shafts with ivory ferrules, and laminated Talisman tips with fiber pads. (Other tips available)

3) Linen wrap color of choice (although most customers with a single full splice opt for no wrap)

4) Choice of the following joint styles:

5) Complete set of matching wood joint protectors. (same woods used in the cue)


Each additional full splice layer adds $200.

Ivory joint adds $175.

Ivory butt cap adds $300

Inlay prices vary, and are quoted per cue



Whisler full splice cues are built with a true finger jointed splice. These are not built from a cut down bar cue, or a pre-made blank.  Unlike most full splice cues, all points, up and down, come to razor sharp ends. (Most full splice cues have a small “flat” at the bottom of the downward point---cue makers frequently wrap over this, or place inlays over it in order to hide it) My cues are built with re-cut, full spliced points, which results in the only cue available with a solid, unbroken piece of wood instead of glued up veneers. This method also eliminates all of the potential problems normally associated with the short splice method of cue building.



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